nothing will ever be perfect

this is one of the hardest lessons i never knew i needed to learn. i didn't realize that for my entire life i have been striving towards this perfection that doesn't actually exist. my inner critic is harsh as hell. she believes that everything i do must be right and lovely and amazing at first go or else why bother with it at all? what's the point of posting, sharing, speaking, creating anything when it's not right

so i am pushing past this with all of my might because i choose not to be stuck anymore. i choose not to allow my critic/censor/judge rule my life so i never actually fully live it. 

i have been working through The Artist's Way book by Julia Cameron, and it's been incredibly helpful in identifying my blockages as a writer and overall regular person and finding ways to dissolve them and make my way through. i've learned that if i wait until something i do is "good enough" i'll never do anything. so i'm sharing my ideas here, whether they are good or not. whether they are sound or silly. whether they are spelled correctly or not (gasp!). which is why i my punctuation and capitalization (or lack thereof) is not perfect. because i'm ditching this ugly thing called perfection for something else: limitless creativity.