always be learning

i don't have anything profound to say today. i just want to get my words down on the page.

the year 2017 has been one of learning and growth for me, personally. i am discovering more lately about my body, my mind, and my beliefs than ever before. i am learning to listen better all around: to others (how many times do i drift away on my own thoughts instead of paying attention to what the person in front of me is saying?), to my body (what an incredible, truly awesome creation to behold...and i still don't fully trust it but i'm learning that, too), and to my heart (a vague term to be sure, and yet it means that i'm finally listening to the knowing deep inside, which is an understanding that i have everything i need, and that i AM everything i need).

i am also learning to trust the universe, and to transform this ingrained belief that it is somehow against me into believing instead in its power, in its support, in its willingness to help me on my quest(s).

right now, i am sitting at my kitchen table, in the hot, hot night heat of an everlasting summer in southern california and i don't know what else to say. but this is a trick i've learned from my morning pages...sometimes you have to just keep writing, and saying that you don't know what else to say, until you do. 

but tonight, i actually don't know what else to say. what i do know is that if i don't hit Save & Publish on this post now, i will go back to it and rework the crap out of it until i haven't said anything at all, and then i will never actually release it into the wild, wild world. so that's that. goodbye words, you are no longer being kept in solitary confinement in my head (or in my drafts folder). be free!