being green

one area of my life that i'm constantly thinking about and trying to improve is the imprint i'm leaving on this earth. i have always had a deep affection and connection with, nature in all its forms. i was the kid playing in the backyard for hours, totally comfortable with getting dirt all over me, scraping my skin on the trunks of trees, and becoming fascinated by the insects and little creatures i discovered in my own backyard.

i was fortunate to grow up surrounded by nature, with the woods being just a few steps from my back door. i learned to love all of it, and that love has only grown with me. that's why living in a big city was such a tough transition for me - and still is six years later. i'm nearly always craving to be in natural silence - the kind of silence where you rarely hear any man-made sounds, and instead your ears take in the buzzing of insects, the whispering of trees in the wind, the scurrying of animals going about their day.

as i've grown up and learned more about the earth and what us humans have done to it, especially most recently, it makes me heartsick. and yet i know that i have certainly contributed to the negative impact, just by living a modern life of convenience and desires and temptations.

i drive a car, i fly on airplanes, i use plastic, i waste paper, i don't recycle properly (i thought i did, but reading more about it tells me i've been wrong) and i buy things from companies that have less than stellar track records treating their employees well and sourcing their materials in ethical and responsible ways.

i'm hoping to learn even more about how i can change what i do and how i live in order to do my part in taking better care of the earth. i don't think it's an easy task in the age we live in, but i do believe that small, impactful changes are possible.