i am...

well, so much for keeping a consistent writing schedule! wait, i'm sorry, i take that back; that was so sarcastic and judgmental (despite its accuracy). what i mean to say is that, it's been just over three months since i last wrote something here. and the main reason for that is i spent the last 10 magical weeks in yoga teacher training.

i think i wrote the last post about my career/work crisis of confidence because i was terrified about what i had signed myself up for. yoga teacher? i'm not even that 'good' at yoga! i have never stood on my head! i don't know everything there is to know and how to perform it all perfectly so WHO AM I to learn how to teach this stuff to other people? 

well, i hate to break it to my 'not good enough' mind monster but i am, in fact, a yoga teacher - 200 salty hours later. i may still be working on the whole confidence thing, but i am actively teaching and practicing and still learning, and with it all comes a lot of mistakes and even more opportunities to learn and grow. 

it's a new feeling for me to say "i am" followed by something i love and of which i am very, very proud. i'll say it again: i am a yoga teacher.