Tarot Reading: August 1, 2018

The first of the month is a new beginning, a time to call in refreshing new energy for the weeks ahead and find places within ourselves to shift and grow. 

Lately I have felt called to work on creative projects that have been gathering mind-dust and finally bring them into fruition. I have the ideas, but I sometimes get lost knowing where or how to start.

I often turn to The Wild Unknown Tarot deck to seek guidance and hone my intuition, which I think is a necessary component of creativity. Learning to listen and trust your own internal compass is what helps you set aside Fear and move forward on your path.

This morning, I asked for guidance as we move into harvest time. Seeds have already been planted, but there is more work yet to be done. What's the message for the month of August?


Daughter of Cups

The suit of Cups deals with the emotional realm and themes of connection, dreams, and following your heart. The Daughter of Cups is a creative and emotional being, a natural dreamer, and a true optimist. This gentle creature glides upon the water with ease and grace; there's no forcing or controlling things here. Instead, she embodies a calmness and clarity that helps her see inspiration all around, and maintain a clear and steady relationship with intuition. 

In more traditional Tarot decks, this card would be represented by the Page of Cups, a card that represents new beginnings (how timely!) and imagination. The Page can often serve as a messenger, reminding us to keep an eye out for new ideas on the horizon.

What dreams, ideas, or imaginings can you bring to life this month? How might you embody the qualities of the Daughter of Cups and tap into your intuition?

Happy August! xo