Tarot Texts


For the times when you need a bit of extra guidance or support...


What you'll receive

A text message containing a photo of your chosen card along with 100-200 words explaining the key themes, my interpretation, and overall guidance based on what the card reveals.


By donation (send before or after your reading via VenMo @backyardseahorse)


I spend a few minutes in meditation as I shuffle the deck, keeping your name in mind and asking for messages to deliver directly to you. After pulling the card, I take a few more minutes jotting down notes based on what themes I know the card to hold and begin to craft the message. I then reference a few of my favorite Tarot resources to gain further clarity, but the interpretation and words are my own.

To get started

Send me an email at backyardseahorse@gmail.com with the following info:

  • Your name

  • Cell phone number

  • If you wish, you may also include a short question or general situation/area of your life you'd like to focus on. Or you can leave this part out and just see what guidance comes through.

*Response time will vary, but I will do my best to send your reading within 24 hours.